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GPS Tracking Guarantees Accountability      

    ( This program will show you how fast we are moving, the area covered, and where we are at all times. )

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   Did you know more than half of online display ads are never even viewed, according to Google? Are you tired of hearing about ad fraud, ad blocking and skipping, and wasted ad dollars?

  We take accountability, transparency and communication very seriously. And that’s why we use GPS technology to remove any doubt about where your money is going.

  All of our trained distributors are equipped with Internet-Connected GPS devices on their vests. Our clients can go online anytime and see our distributors going from house to house, or business to business. You’ll see how fast we’re moving, the areas and homes covered, and where our distributors are at all times.

   Of course, viewing by our clients is optional. We closely monitor the entire distribution process from our control center, and our field supervisors make sure all materials are being delivered as they should. Management will also do spot-checks and audits to ensure that proper procedures are being followed and our clients are getting what they paid for.


Door hanger distribution with GPS tracking is the perfect blend of grass roots, one-to-one advertising and modern technology.


Contact us and learn more about how our GPS tracking system delivers the kind of accountability that you don’t get from other forms of advertising.



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